The Bishkek 2nd Penal Squad, part 2

My second post on the Penal Squad was going to be about finishing the paintjob on these bad boys, but I decided to enter them in a local painting competition, so they are sitting in a glass case in the store called Game Alot in Santa Cruz, waiting for a new chance to serve the emperor.
More detailed images after this is done, which will be after April 17th.

In the meantime, just for fun, I decided to give them a ride....
That's right, these guys get their own, customized ride with extra fortified rebar.
For the floor I used plastic card with metal design, and for the rest I just kind of slapped it together. The vehicle itself came from a trade on the barter bucket a while back.
The little power cables feed the lasers that sense movement above the roofline. If one of them tries to escape, the laser shoots out a painfully hot beam that will teach the victim not to try that again. The only way out is the back AND only when the handler says it's time.
I don't really know if the Penal Squads are allowed a vehicle, doesn't really say in the codex, but I would have built it anyway. Does anyone know for sure what the rules are for this unit with transports?

Hope this inspires!



  1. They can't have a chimera, but can ride in Valks I guess. I gave mine lots of gear to carry, because they're Scouts.

    That is a great transport for a psyker unit, in fact one of the later Gaunt books has a vehicle described just like that for psykers.

  2. Love it. Can't wait to see it finished and painted. You should use the same style as with the FW modelling book Valk and Manticore.

  3. I think that vehicle rocks ! Could story maker and conversational piece when it hits the table

  4. The minis are excellent and the chimera is inspired! A good portion of the stuff I do is not for the game but for the hobby. Keep up the good work.


  5. Really great Imperial Guard paddy wagon! I dub thee "Black Maria."

    Rules-wise they can ride in a Chimera, they just can't take one as a dedicated transport. So you'll have to buy it for another unit, then embark the penal squad. The so-called "lolride."

  6. Anonymous: I think I agree with you. That scene in the desert with hark and the old ghost, yeah this could be a rad psyker model.
    Spysmasher: now I don't know who is right, you or anonymous: how can we get resolution?

    thanks for all the kind words!
    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  7. Models look great, like the dirty feel.

    Using that as a psyker transport is an awesome idea.

  8. Second (or third?) the psyker transport idea. Or just buy it as a dedicated transport for somebody else and have the convicts jump in later. Wastes their Scout move, but eh?

    Or a Con Air conversion for a valkyrie...

  9. Copy and paste from a wrong post in your blog.


    I'm a fan of this blog, and i have the model hobby too...
    I coment here because you inspire me a bit to make my own Imperial Guard.
    I give you a link of it... hope you dont think its spam.

    Hope photos are enough explanation of what i did.



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