Simple Tau Speed Painting

I decided to paint up my Tau with as simple and quick a paint job as I could stand, without being too embarrassing.

So here is my Tau speed painting technique.

I wanted to do a simple tan and black, with as few steps as I could get away with. I removed flash lines and based with sand.

1. Black primer

2. Yanden Darksun foundation paint on the armor. This is the most time consuming part but it gets faster with practice, and the foundation paint covers nice in a single coat.

3. Quick hard outline edge highlight with Skull white ( if you want a more muted highlight use bleached bone) and red dots for the helmet lenses.

4. Gryphonne Sepia wash

5. Second Gryphonne Sepia wash. Be sure that the first coat of wash is completely dry before you add the second coat.

The second wash really knocks down the edge highlight and adds some depth. All that's left is to paint the base, and I will add some unit marking details later.

I used the same technique on this Crisis Suit.

Here's a family photo with the bases finished.

I hope that this helps me paint up a good amount of Tau, with a few color changes you could use this to paint about any armor.



  1. Wow! That works surprisingly well. Could have a Tau army painted in no time.

  2. You really did well on these ones mate.
    (Also, I like the new site layout!)


  3. Those are some good looking models considering the time you actually put into them. Liking it man.


  4. I like the way the second Sepia wash really does its job. You know, I've never really considered putting the same wash on twice. You've added another technique to my arsenal!

  5. Very nice!

    Great find for me, since I just started a Tau army.

  6. Awesome! I love tutorials that show REAL people how to make their models look awesome! GW spends too much time showing us pictures of a paint level the majority of us will never be able to achieve.

    Your Tau look awesome!

  7. Fast and effective. Double-wash is something to consider from now on. Ten out of ten mate!

  8. New site layout is very 'bling' .... liking it muchly. The Tau models really pop as well for such a quick paintjob! Great work.

  9. Very nice. I like the simplicity of this technique.

  10. This looks like a simple and quick technique. I will try

  11. I like simple paint techniques that save time and have great results. Looks good!

  12. Sorry to dig up an old thread, but could this be done with a much brighter shade of orange, what changes would me need to make if we wanted to get into a very bright, say, safety orange range?

  13. you could try orange base with a yellow highlight, with a red or sepia wash

  14. What colors were used on the base sand? Thanks.


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