Support the Traveling Blog Give Away!

The Super Blog Chain Give Away is on the move and needs your support, hit the link on the upper right of our page and see where it is, and what's up for grabs.

If you have entered in the past, but you were not chosen, give it a try again for the new prize that the new host has to offer it might be even better than the last!

The Great Blog Chain Give Away is a great chance to get check out some other blogs and you might even get some stuff for free, and get to host the next give away on your blog and become famous.

If you don't have something to offer up for the contest, but you like the idea, you can make a banner out of this chain logo and link it to the host site, make sure to update the link as it moves along.

So have a look, there is not too many current entries and you have a great chance at taking the prize, and becoming the next host.



  1. I can't participate this week as i have no worthwhile prize, but I did image link it on my blog. Thanks for starting this, it is a fantastic idea!


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