Nurgle Death Guard Biker Gang

Well it took a few days but these are about finished. The building technique evolved a bit and has become quite streamlined, and I am also getting close to a painting process that I can be happy with, which is good as I will be doing troops next, and will be happy to have a good assembly line figured out.

I decided on six of these guys with an added Lord with the mark of Nurgle and a daemon weapon on a bike to make the fluff happy number of seven for this gang.

three ablative regular bikers, I used regular loyalist bikes (and arms and legs) as I don't care for the chaos models and the big fenders and simple look lend themselves well to the weathering dimples and texturing (and I had a bunch of them)

I really enjoyed banging up the panels on these guys using a Dremel tool and adding the frogskin dimples, I am considering going back to the rhinos and beating them up a bit also. I added a few Kroot bags. The torsos, heads and shoulder pads are Forge World

two with meltas, the purple rot on the bike is just basing sand on CA glue splotches, much easier than green stuffing and still looks good.

a champ with fist and the squad icon
this guy uses my own torso sculpt cast in resin, the head is from the mutation sprue, he has a stack of trophy heads, some chains from the marauder horses, Kroot bag, and Ravenwing censor, Forge World shoulder pads.

and the Lord, the torso with head is the Forge World one that I don't really like, but I think it works for this model
he's doing a wheelie, the bike is a Chaos bike, which I am not fond of, but I wanted him to stand out. The front fender is a fantasy shield, wheel covers are weathered chaos rhino hatches with greenstuff Nurgle craters, he got a bunch of brass details, which led me to go back and add some brass to the other bikes to tie them together more, I am not sure I like the brass now, but I will leave it.
the bag and blade was ogre, the sword handle, jaw bone and shoulder pad spikes are orc.

the cape is chaos fantasy with added skulls for his mark, and greenstuff fur to blend it into the shoulders.

Well that's about it, sorry for no in progress pics, I think I will do a more detailed build on the troops using some of the same techniques if you are interested.



  1. Excellent models you do the Death Guard proud.

  2. Awesome, well done!

    If you don't like the brass as is, you could add some verdigris to make it look older/more weathered.

  3. Now THOSE models look like they are worth the points! Well done :)

  4. Gosh, those are superbly modelled and painted.

  5. Very nicely to see the whole army.

  6. Must agree with the rest, very nice indeed!

  7. cracking work, love the damaged armour thats you did with the dremel,

  8. Awesome looking unit mate, the amount of work you've put into them is mental!

  9. Great post. At first I wondered why you had so many Nurgle related articles in your OLD STUFF DAY thread, but now it's clear... this stuff is sharp.

  10. Too bad Nurgle bikers are out of the game, I don't think they are making a comeback in the new Chaos Codex either...


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