Storm Wardens Army, Forge World Dreadnought

Here is a Forge World Venerable Dreadnought I just finished up for the Storm Wardens Army.

There is something going on with my camera, as the pictures seem to make the highlights a bit too bright, in real life the contrast is much more subtle I promise.

As others have said, it is interesting working on this project. Trying to make my personal painting style blend with other builders, has been a challenge for me.

I tend to lean towards the darker end of the painting world, and love heavy washes, but this project has made me change some of my old habits and do things a bit differently. I also have been struggling with painting so much silver, and it still seems a bit too dark to me, but I really don't like bright silver.

All in all though, I think it's a great challenge, and it is making me a better painter and builder.

Here you can see the finished plating on the inside of the Black Reach Dred arms, they look nice and solid now.

Here is a shot of the base from Secret Weapon Miniatures. Normally I make my own bases, but it has been a joy to paint these, they really take paint well., and I liked the moss details. Even if you think you don't like pre-made bases, you should try a few and see what you think.
I added the shadows with a dark wash.

I may drybrush some brighter silver on, at least on the tops, but this guy is more or less done, and I am ready to do another squad.



  1. Nice to see the finished product. It came out great.

    Those AoBR arms do look much better with the solid back. I'll be doing that with the dread I have planned. I looks like you beveled the edges as well. Nice touch.

    I was admiring the base before I read the article. It's a great looking base, and you painted it up well. I had thought it scratch built, but happy to see I can nab my own. Thanks.

  2. @John: this turned out really well and it's always a pleasure to see a finished piece on one of my bases. Any objection to my adding it to the Secret Weapon user gallery?

    As this project comes together I keep getting more and more excited about it. I might have to make the drive to SCWH in order to actually SEE the entire army.

    @the other kevin: not only can you have one of your own but there's a coupon good until the end of June (HURRY!) for 10% off of your order.

    Enter the code "STORMWARDENS" during checkout and you're good to go.

  3. can you donate using pounds (english money)cus i live uk, and i dunno if i can donate us.... and if i do donate am i viable for the contest even tho its overseas?

  4. the other Kevin-
    Plating the arms was much easier that I thought it would be, and yes I beveled the edges with a file as the plasticard was a bit thick.

    Steal pics as you like.

    Yes the Paypal site will convert to dollars, you need Paypal or a credit or debit card, and we will send any of the prizes anywhere in the world.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  5. Don't forget the little AdMech symbol on the back engine casing!


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