Storm Wardens Army Progress, Moving Right Along

Here's a bit of an update on what I am working on for the Storm Wardens Project,

A shot of the work bench, you can see I am working on some weapons for the Venerable dred.

The dred is getting close to finished and I wanted to get him loaded out for battle. I wanted to give him a Multi Melta, and a power fist for Close Combat, this takes advantage of his +1 for both attacks and ballistic skill.

The problem was I only had the cheap looking Melta from the Black Reach dred handy and its hollow, and I didn't want to be able to see the gaps.

I decided to plate it off with plastic card. I used masking tape to make templates, cut them from plastic card and glued them in place. You can see the little dots where I marked where to drill the holes for the mounting pegs. I also drilled out the barrels to make everything look nice. I will also add some other details.

Here is the dred armless, not quite finished.

Devastator squad, not sure if I will add 5 more troops, or give them some wheels, or both.

This is the command squad Apothecary (Without Borders).

Well, back to work.

Keep an eye on the progress by hitting the links in the mini blog roll on the right.

Remember, anyone can still win this army and all the extra goodies that come with it, so join the Storm Wardens Project.

Give a few bucks, you will be helping out Doctors Without Borders, and you never know, you might even win a new army!



  1. 'Apothecary Without Borders'


  2. Nice work. I'm really liking the dreadnought.

  3. Looking great so far. I'm planning a Black Reach dread conversion, and will be plating off the arms like this. Thanks!


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