Storm Wardens Mini-Drawing: FTW Battleforce Box Set!

It's that time again, time for a Storm Wardens Mini Drawing!

This week Ron from From The Warp is offering up an awesome prize,

Any Battleforce boxed set from 40k or Fantasy!

The generous folks at Game Vault ( Ron's FLGS in Virginia ) have really stepped up and offered a great prize in support of the Storm Wardens Project.

Winner will be chosen at random from the list of contributors Sunday 7PM PST.

Just like the final army prize, each dollar you pitched in will give you a chance to win. You can increase your chances by tossing in a few more bucks, just make sure you have them in before the winner of this drawing is chosen, and you might win the Battleforce of your choice.


  1. This whole thing is getting cooler and cooler.

    I'm very tempted to make a second donation.

    Everyone involved in this is awesome and deserves a lo tof respect!


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