Friday, June 11, 2010

Storm Wardens Mini-Drawing: Week Two!

Welcome to week two of the Storm Wardens fanfare folks!

The Storm Wardens Army Project is rolling along and gaining all kinds of momentum! The team put together for the Storm Wardens Project has been making some serious headway on troops, vehicles, HQ selections, and more! While everyone waits on the edge of their seats for the grand finale (mid July), we're giving away all kinds of prizes to hold you over.

Last week we were able to give away a great looking Storm Wardens t-shirt, and this week we have even more gamer loot for you.

The talented folks over at Secret Weapon Miniatures will be sponsoring this second prize, a gift certificate worth $50 dolalrs to be used in their store. Fifty!

Secret Weapon Miniatures produces high quality, pressure cast resin bases for wargaming models and miniatures as well as a full line of weathering pigments, conversion accessories, and photo etched brass detailing bits.

Mr. Justin, who is the creative mind behind Secret Miniatures has donated bases for the entire Storm Wardens Army, so he is generous as well as creative! Regardless of what army you play, he will have, ahem, your bases covered.

Their selection of different themed bases is pretty staggering, check them out!

Also, until the end of June anyone who uses the code "STORMWARDENS" at check out will receive a 10% discount on your Secret Weapons order, so even if you are not the lucky winner of this drawing, you can still save some cash!

We will hold the Secret Weapon Give Away this Sunday, June 13th at 7pm, pst!

The winner chosen this Sunday to pick up the Secret Weapon gift certificate will come from those of you who have already made a contribution the Storm Wardens Project. You can jump on board right up until the drawing's deadline this Sunday evening.

Readers who pick up free gamer loot during these interval moments of fanfare along the way are STILL eligible for the big enchilada in the end; the fully painted Storm Wardens Army!

Remember, while we are all having fun getting into this project and giving away cool stuff, the bottom line isn't the prizes or even the 2000+ point army, it's that as a gaming community we are helping Doctors Without Borders, a worthy cause indeed.

So what are you waiting for? Get on board the Storm Wardens Army Project today (see the right hand column) and stay tuned this Sunday while we put forth the second of many winners to come.

Will you walk away with sack full of custom resin bases? Stay tuned!


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