The Storm Wardens Vindicator, Part 4: it's done!

The vindicator for the Storm Wardens Projoject is finished! I added a commander with a hand weapon, just for fun, not for play, and repainted the side shields. All in all I am pleased with the end result: an old, battered, no frills, experienced vehicle. If you want to end up with this tank in your collection, you know what to do, top right hand column. If you have already contributed, you are one of many generous wargamers who should be proud, almost 600 people have given to the project, in the end countless lives will be saved all over the world by doctors who we are going to support with all our effort and money. Great job everyone!


  1. Fantastic! Perfectly between over the top weathering and too clean. Very well done. Will you paint the eagle on the front of the 'dozer?

  2. Thanks Rabidchild.
    I was going to leave the skull on the front alone, considering it has been worn off badly over all these years


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