Storm Wardens Army, Making it Yours

Winning the Storm Wardens Army would be about the coolest thing ever.

Well, besides maybe being one of us lucky Build Team members that gets to pitch in with all the talent and be a part of making blogger history. If you ever see someone wearing one of these super limited edition Build Team only Tshirts, you can be sure they built something for this army.

So I figured, why not give the winner just that opportunity?

Not only will they be in some pretty cool company, but they will also have the chance to make the army their own, building the last squad of troops, and finishing off the whole army, and actually earn them self one of those cool Tshirts, and hopefully wear it with pride as they lead the army to battle on the table top.

So, for the winner, not only the shirt, but I am throwing in a box of 10 Tactical Marines, a set of custom resin shoulder pads, and a set of matching bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures,

and with the paint set donated by X Planet Games,

the winner will be able to build up and paint this last squad to match all the other donated models, and cap off this awesome army prize.

You can see all the finished models and other extra goodies at the Storm Wardens Prize Page.

Are you ready to win this and join the Build Team?



  1. Keeps getting cooler by the minute!
    I look forward to seeing the grand total donated once you close this off.
    Not a 40K gamer myself, but if my name does come out of the hat I'm 100% sure I'll be donating it to the Gaelcon charity auction

  2. Good luck to all those who donated to this awesome project and charity, also just wanted to say great job on every thing to the build team, you guys have been a great example of what the community is capable of


    Bay hammer

  3. Awesome Idea to let the winner finish it off!


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