Storm Wardens Last Mini-Drawing: SCW Stuff

This is it, the last Storm Wardens Project Mini Drawing. This is also your last chance to get on board with a contribution.

Sunday July 18th 7PM PST, we are closing the Paypal links and drawing a winner for this Mini Drawing. After that there will not be a way to be apart of this and in the running to be drawn for the army.

Up for grabs this week is some swag from us at Santa Cruz Warhammer.

First up some GW super rare and exclusive Guard swag, I waited in line forever to buy this stuff, you don't have to.

An Imperial Guard coffee mug

and dog tag

How about a pair of the greatest paint brushes in the world,
Winsor & Newton Number 7s in 000 an 0

and to take good care of them, a tub of fancy brush cleaner.

Also a tub of "Super Secret Basing Sand ". This is the finest blend of basing sand in the galaxy and you can't buy it anywhere. (figure not included)

Last but not least, I am adding a kit to make 5 flaming markers for you to build up and use on the battlefield.

Watch your opponent's face when you pop his favorite tank and drop one of these on top of it.

Here is a Santa Cruz Warhammer exclusive video of the sweet flickering destruction.

Well there you go, good luck in the Mini Drawing, if you don't get this stuff, don't worry you could still win the army.

I also have a feeling there is going to be some other great stuff to be drawn.

Well, ok, I know there is.

So keep an eye out for some more prize announcements in the next week. We have had some late donations and we are going to draw them on the 25th also, so more prizes will equal more winners drawn. Don't miss it!