This is the LAST DAY!

The Storm Wardens Project is coming to a close. Tonight at 7 PM PST we will take down the donation buttons and announce the last Mini Drawing Winner.
At that point all the wonderful people who have donated will have to wait one week to find out who will get the incredible Storm Wardens Army, as pictured here.

I have been following the blogs, the forums and other websites in the last six week, finding out what everyones feelings were about this project and one thing stood out: it was all about doing something good! Of course many wargamers were excited about the army or the secondary prizes. But in the end it all boiled down to being amazed and excited about the generosity of the wargaming community. You all have proven that a simple hobby like ours can unite thousands to be a force for good.

You have until 7 PST or 10 EST to do it one last time. Otherwise just enjoy the day. Tomorrow we will announce the collected amount. Better stay tuned for that....

Thank you all, we have absolutely loved setting this up.

John and Mike