Barter Bucket: Saturday, August 21st 2010

Welcome to the Barter Bucket!

Are you looking for a bunch of Space Marine helmets to adorn your Warboss' Battlewagon? How about just one more combi-weapon for that custom command squad you've been building? All this and more is exactly why the Barter Bucket went live; gamers helping other gamers with hard-to-find bits, regular pieces, and whole models. It's a place to trade in your old stuff for new, or to get that one piece you need without buying it as part of a much more expensive kit. This concept is fueled by the cooperative spirit of the gaming community as a whole.

If you see something below you can help out with, or see something you're interested in picking up, please contact the individual directly through their listed email address.

dunfordm at is looking for the following:
  1. Space Marine Land Speeders
  2. SM Attack Bike sidecars (any)
for trade they have:
  1. darn near anything Space Ork, Tactical Space Marines, and Devastator weapons
brandondudley93 at is looking for:
  1. Space Marine Land Raider Redeemer (x1)
  2. WHFB Tomb Kings Halberd (x1)
I'm the guy with the bucket on his head, Mik of Mik's Minis, welcome! To participate, all you need to do is send me an email to miksminis at listing what you are looking for, or have as surplus that might help someone else out. Make sure your email is in list form with plenty of detail, including the quantities of each you're looking for. Emails I receive by Thursday will post that weekend here at Santa Cruz Warhammer, otherwise they'll get queued up for the following week. Thanks, and remember, change comes from within...your bits box!



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