Hordes of Vormond: the Grave Guard

The blogosphere is red hot with discussions about what's better: Fantasy or 40k. One thing is for sure: modeling fantasy is harder....that's what I believe. Making sure 10 models rank up, don't bonk each other over and look different and dynamic is really, really hard for me. Here's the Grave Guard as I just built it up.

Because I have to figure out how they end up next to each other, I am modeling my Hordes of Vormond differently then my Bishkek 2nd. I build up the entire model, bases, glue, the whole thing and later one figure out how to get paint in the most impossible places.
I cut off the weird wings on all those helmets and twisted their torso to make them look like they are on the move. I separated out the 10 models in 3 singles, 1 trio and 1 quartet. I like the option of modeling multiple models on one base. It makes for a more believable scene.
I am painting up a test model now which I will share with you later this week.



  1. This post is exactly why I'm excited to see FTW do a fantasy section!

    FTW has inspired countless conversions to Space Marines, but huge blocks of Fantasy figures are getting assembled & painted right out of the box.... and that's a tragedy to me.

    I'm having the same struggle with ranking-up Lizardmen (long tails suck), but I love that that you are undeterred, and are not just basing creatively, but converting to add character. As I said, this is exactly the kind of inspiring stuff that I hoped the modeling community at FTW would start!

    Brilliant job :)

  2. great guard! Do you haave SCW twitter?


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