The Knights of Bal Timorea!

Once Long ago in days gone bye, there was an alliance of noble warriors forged in the great meeting halls of Bal Timorea.

These great Warrior Kings assembled from near and far agreed to dismiss any petty grievances and pledge an oath to rally together and fight as one against any great evil that might threaten their good people.

Only in times of dire need are these brave Knights summoned, and with stout warhorse, and steady lance, each great kingdom sends out their finest Knights from across the land, proudly bearing the heraldry and colors of their many honored families.

When these great Knights assemble, none can stand before them.........

Hail the Knights of Bal Timorea!

Are you ready to join the knights of Bal Timorea?

For the next month we will be host a multi blog project focusing on building Knights on horse, and anything related.

We invite you to take part in this project and build a Knight of your own, use the email address at the upper left of the page, send us to your post and we will add all related links to the Knights of Bal Timorea Miniblog Roll.

I have invited some friends to take part in this project and it looks to be a lot of fun.

Even if you have only ever had an interest in 40K, here is a great chance to try something a bit different, enjoy a model for the sake of fun and get creative.

This project will also have a second level of participation.

Anyone who builds a qualifying model and sends it to me, will then be entered in a drawing to win ALL the models that are sent in as well as a Bretonnina army book and a Pegasus Knight as a start to your new Fantasy army!

Participation Level 1=
To qualify to be added to the blog roll just email us with a link to your blog post, any model on a horse or related tips are fine and if it's a Knight with a lance even better. The blog project will run for 2 months.

Participation Level 2=
To qualify to win the army, you will have to build a model of a Knight on horse with lance that can be used in a "Good" army and mount it on a standard size cav. base. The model must be painted and based to the best of your ability and the base must be in a medium brown dirt and may include other small details and light grass if you like. Please keep in mind that the models will all be fielded together and should be able to be ranked accordingly.

All drawing entries should be mailed to me before the drawing at the end of November, all entries will be listed with a corresponding number and the winner will be chosen at random on December 1st.

I will pack all the models up and ship everything to the winner anywhere in the world.

You may build and send in as many models as you like, if there are sufficient entries, I will draw multiple winners.

I would also like to encourage folks to pitch in and buy a box of knights with some friends and do it as a group project, also feel free to use the Barter Bucket to source some needed bits or models. We will have a special Barter Bucket for just this project.

I will be researching into my family history looking for inspiration for my builds and hope you do to. If you document your research and find some good resources, be sure to share them on your blog so we can all follow your projects progress.

Will you answer the call?

Will you take the pledge and join.......

The Knights of Bal Timorea !



  1. Is this still running? I'm still seeing WIP knights around the net. Am I too late?

  2. We have pushed the deadline back a bit into January, so there is still some time left.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer


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