The Bishkek 2nd Basilisk: part 7, shellshocked no more, a baby tank

OK, I figured out the shell problem and have decided to go with the Vindicator Shell, cut short at bit. Now I just have to round up a few more and I am set to go. Which thinking about shells, I dreamed up a little remote controlled vehicle with tracks that the guys can use to move heavy stuff like shells, around. In a burst of creativity I put this little thing together in one late, late night.

The Bishkek Command calls it: RBL for Remote controlled Bulk Loader, the non commisioned officers dare to call it the Rubble, but the rank and file call it by its appropriate name: the Gnome.

The Gnome has a shell carrier on the back, an little engine in the middle and a loading platform up top. It has a handy light on the front. The handler can run it with a remote control )joystick based) and with the use of tracks it can go pretty much anywhere. As with a few other Bishkek vehicles, this one has been built without the explicit blessings of the Omissiah, so don't expect to see these in mass production.

Here is how I made it (most of you will have all these bitz):
A Chimera piece with the attachment for the dozer, cut to make it narrower.
Glue this against the bottom sides; anything will work for this.
Go to your lady's sowing basket and find eight buttons, glue them to the sides like so:
Looks like a tank already! Next up: cut some chimera tracks in half:
This part is messy. I wish I had rubber Tamiya tracks, but alas. The top part will get covered so don't worry about the higher parts, make sure you make the bend:
On the Chimera hull sprue are two pieces with hinges, cut those to size and attach them. Also add the pulley from the Vindicator.
Make sure modeling is a family thing. Nothing is worse then making this a hobby for papa's spare time. My girls love to hobby themselves when I am busy and so does my wife. Every weekend day we have modeling hour (or two). here's my youngest one working on a helicopter from Balsawood.
Here's a comparison to a trooper:
I wanted to add stowage and a canvas over it, so to fill it up, glue down some old bitz, cut down to a shape:
I dipped paper in glue and put it on, after drying added some yarn. I made the loops from plastic rod. Added an antenna for the RC use
Then to the spraybooth. First a light beige, then some UHU tack over it and added some dark brown
doesn't look like much
Devlan mud over it
Impatient as I am, here's my fast drying solution. That orange thing is my magnifying glass
And after a lot of weathering: there it is!
On the canvas: I painted it catachan green with brown drybrushing, came out very nice.
With his handler
I might add it to the diorama..
here's another angle

let me know what you all think..


  1. buttons and cut in half chimera tracks. brilliant.

  2. That there is some inspired modeling. Like Tristan said, brilliant!

  3. Okay now that is pretty sweet. I'd probably have just cut up plasticard to make tracks with, mainly because I don't have extra track around from other vehicles. Makes me tempted to try my hand at another scratch build.

  4. Very nice. I love the idea of Family modelling hour!

  5. Very cool mini-tank.

    How'd that balsa helicopter come out? ;)

  6. Outstanding little kitbash mate, very impressed. The metal base on the diorama works well as well.

    Nice to hear we're not the only household to have hobby sessions :-)

  7. Absolutely superb, mate - and really inspirational: thanks!


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