Belial Redux, Pt.3, Painted - Deathwing Project Update.

Well here he is, I am not going to say he's done, but he's close. He's going to see table top service and not bound for the display case, so quick and dirty will do.

The base is a Micro Arts Studio resin "Shale" and I like it as its a bit taller than the ones the rest of the troops get, the Termie Chaplain got one as well.

Four hours of painting, and he's close enough.

The pics were taken in low light, the robes are not really that white.
I didn't want to make the robes green, so I lightened them up a bit and darkened the armor, so it didn't all blend together, the contrast is not as stark in real light.
The right shoulder has all the iconography of Belial's banner
The Captain's device on the crux is painted gold, I think they were originally yellow with a blue center or something, but I wanted to have some gold on that shoulder to balance the rest of the bling out, I might still go to grey with it.

I did something wrong with the primer spray paint (didn't shake enough...let dry long enough) and had a reaction when the basecoat dried. You can see it in this super close up.
Lots of these tiny cracks all over the armor, rather than freaking out, I decided to save them and I think they make the armor look old and weathered.

I'm pretty happy with him, and I'm looking forward to getting the squads up to date.

I hope he brings me luck when he hits the table.



  1. Great work mate he looks awesome!

  2. Very nice work - It's interesting how a 'mistake' can turn into an interesting effect. I agree that the cracked paint gives the model's armor an antique feel, I really like it! Of course, the trick would be making it repeatable, which may not be possible. Nevertheless, absolutely cracking work! (pun intended, heh).

  3. Looks great, and the cracks definitely add to him. There's actually a clear coat you can buy from Michaels that you layer over a base colour and when painted on, makes the top layer paint crack like that.

  4. If you hadn't said the cracks were a mistake I may have asked for a tutorial, or at least a recipe...

  5. this model looks positively heroic. hopefully he can withstand the bruta; force of the Bishkek 2nd.
    nice one!

  6. I really like how he has came out... the colours look fantastic on him and the cracked armour just adds to the overall effect.

    I wish I was as fast at getting my armies done!


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