Deathwing Project Update - My Second "Finished" Army

Yep, its done. 1500pts of pure Deathwing, 19 models total, fits in a briefcase, every ranged weapon is 24"

Dark Angels and Deathwing were my very first army choice, and I am happy to finally have a finished 1500pt army.

After seeing FTW Ron's tiny army in a box at Games Day this year, I decided to get to work.

The Idea is that they are on a very harsh planet with heavy acid rain, so they show a bit more weathering than I would normally use.

All bases are resin with troops all on bargain priced "Highland Crag" bases by Forgecraft Games, while HQ have more substantial "Shale" bases by Micro Arts Studios.

HQ= Master Belial with claws.

2nd HQ= Term. Chaplain

Troops= 5 man Term. Assault Squad
4x twin lightning claws,
1x heavy flamer+ chain fist

These guys roll in a Land Raider Crusader with both HQs. If these guys get the assault on you, its going to be rough.
That's 25 power weapon attacks that re roll to hit, 21 of which also re roll wounds and 3 strength 8 chainfist attacks for 2D6 armor penetration which re roll to hit. That's up to 28 attacks that ignore armor saves from 7 models with 11 wounds, that all have 2+ armor and invulnerable saves.

Troops= 2x 5 man Term. squad
+assault cannon
+ chainfist.

Heavy= 2x Land Raider Crusader

The first is in weathered Deathwing colors and is the Terminator assault squad and HQ's whip.

The second is in reversed colors of Dark Angels green, on loan from the chapter armory.

I took an old hard plastic 19"x14"case and a pluck foam tray, and ended up with just enough room for all the models, plus one extra (Term. Librarian), mini rules book and codex, custom Deathwing dice and measuring tape.
The foam is glued in and everything is very cozy and safe.

Sorry that the pics are not that great, its been raining nonstop and I have to shoot inside with poor light.



  1. Love it, absolutely love it.
    I'm so jealous. I haven't even got my paint scheme down yet... but since you've gone with the white, I think I'll try black.

  2. Great job!

    This is fantastic work. Just finishing an army is an achievement that should be lauded by all!

    The fact that you have done such a good job with them is just more feathers in your hat really.

    Are we going to see an inaugural battle report any time soon?

  3. Ron-
    Thanks, your army is the reason this army was finally built. Paint yours white so they can hang out, they have a name for black Deathwing, it's "The Fallen".

    Thanks, I never finish anything and this army only took a couple weeks.
    I fought a battle with them unpainted and couldn't stop rolling ones, it's daunting when you set up and all thats on the table is 2 tanks and a five man squad, especially against a horde, but I think they will do petter in paint.

  4. Wow, incredible work! The models are absolutely stunning. May the dice gods bless such beatiful army.

  5. Great looking army, I wish you well with all of their battles

  6. Very Nice work there John!

    I don't know how you can get so much time to get it all done... I'm still putting things together and organizing colours for my deathwing force...

    And I haven't even picked up my land raiders!

    It looks really good and I noticed the deathwing dice as well... where did you get those from?

  7. Fridge, MCT-
    Thanks for the kind words.

    It's been raining like crazy, so I am staying inside, and have time for painting.
    Key time savers in this project were:
    Resin Bases
    Foundation paint basecoats
    Spraying the Basecoat on Raiders
    Decals (with Microset) and resin shoulder pads = way less freehand.
    and of course the overall small number of models, sped things up quite a bit.

    I had the dice made, and have given most away, might be time for another run.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  8. Impressive.
    I like this idea of a small, tough-as-nails, take-all-comers list. Great looking army, sir.

  9. Sweet army! I like smaller armies with big, hard hitting units. Nicely done.

  10. Excellent work, love the painting and the conversion work!

    Nice choice on bases, I'm always at a loss of whether to go for ruins, tech or urban rubble!

    Keep up the good work!

  11. Brilliant work, absolutely brilliant. They look so good i just want to steal them, take them to a cave and spend a few years stroking them calling them precious. They're that good.

  12. That is one beautiful DeathWing Army, between you and Ron of FTW, I really want to start one now :( but too many other projects atm.

    Thank you so much for posting your work!

    - Meatball


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