A new Beginning...and some elf night work

John and I played a game a few weeks ago and fun though it was, most exciting was John walking up with a tiny suitcase in which his whole army was nestled snugly. So I did some digging around and found out I could build a Space Wolf all terminator army, centered around Logan Grimnar. For 1500 points I might end up with even less models then Johns Deathwing and I love the idea of having a compact project. So here's the start.

My Logan Grimnar is based around Njall Stormcaller. This model is fantastic, sculpted by my favorite GW artist Juan Diaz, and looks very badass. I removed the raven stand and added some fur.
For the left arm he will carry a giant axe. Built up using the hammer of the Death Company set and an old Dwarf ax for the blade, it works nicely. I added a triangular greenstuff thingie on top plus a terminator cross.
The right arm will have a handmount stormbolter. In the codex Logan is not allowed to use a powerfist, which is weird, Magnus Calgar is less points, but DOES have that powerfist/stormbolter combo. Anyway, I love the look of the massive glove with the gun, so I decided to model it like that, but not count the powerfist.
here is the set
and here is a mock up I did earlier today using some UHUtac.
Oh yeah, and this was made tonight in the woodshoppe of Santa's Elves. Some stuff for the playmos...it's fun making xmas gifts for the kids yourself.


  1. This is an interesting re-purposing of the Njal model. I think it looks like it is going to work out rather well.

    I didn't like it initially but on seeing the posed mini I was converted to the relatively small axe blade you have chosen.

    Great work. Are we going to see some WIP shots later?

  2. The posing really is spectacular. Shows what can be achieved even without the freedom of full plastic. Some thought and a little playing around and there's something new.

    I'd forgotten what you can do with balsa wood too. The surface doesn't always paint up well, but it's a quick and easy material for terrain making.

  3. Actually Logan has a "better" powerfist option since his axe can be Frost Axe OR Powerfist.

  4. It looks promising. I'm sure it will be a great looking Logan Grimnar (and a bigger one too)


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