Space Wolves: Making Njall into Logan Part 2

As all of you have might have read, I am changing some stuff around in my modeling world. Inspired by John's tiny Death Wing Army and Ron's (FTW) minmalist approach, I have decided to sell my entire Ork Army, including everything I have thrown on this blog and some stray models to boot. I have added a little ebay link, where I try to sell a model once in a while.
I love my Bishkek Army, which I will never sell AND as a honour rule, I will never sell my dwarves, although they are unpainted and unused.
So my new project is much smaller in scope: an all Terminator Space Wolf Army under the guidance of Logan Grimnar. I made a deal on the barter bucket this week, swapping out some Mega Nobz for some SW terminators; the bucket is great, you all should use it.
Anyway, I had started already on Logan, so here goes the new project: The Tiny Space Wolf Army.

I have been painting like crazy on the Njall to Logan Conversion over the holiday weekend and he is slowly getting there. Of course most Wolf players recognize Njall but this wonderful Juan Diaz sculpt is so heroic and massive that to me he speaks Logan Grimnar all the way. Of course Logan doesn't wear rune armour but then agan, it is very likely that Logan would inscribe his armour with runes regardless if he needs them or not; it all about honoring Leman Russ anyway. Besides, to me the current GW Logan Model is too small and out of proportion.

Here is the picture from the first post. I swapped out Njall's arms with some kitbashed ones and removed the raven stand, replacing it with green stuff and a terminator light. The rest on my thoughts for this model you can find here
Here's the painted version. I haven't touched the arms yet and can give anyone this advice: don't model on parts if they are going to obstruct your painting!
I hate painting Space marines and this model is super hard to do well. Give me a lowly Guardsman anytime. Damn, this model is a bear!
here's the back
and top view. I worked hard on the wolf but for some reason all this work hasn't translated into what I want. I know it's my first model and I can always redo it once i find the right combination of colors.
With his arms on he will look a lot better. Hope you will stay tuned for the next year or so!
Only have 15 more terminators, one more HQ, a drop pod, a Landraider and maybe a Dread to do. Will make 1500 points. Anyone has ideas about the army list? It has to fit in one case.



  1. Mike you may as well go for a wolf guard army with a cyclone or two.

    Have a fantastic new year party.

  2. Mike I think he is looking good. That is a very different scheme for Space Wolves, which in my opinion is a good thing.

    I think the fur looks great, but then again I am not sure of the look you are trying to achieve. I can't wait to see the finished product and I hope the bucket trade helps out, I know it is helping me with my Orks :)

  3. Hey Mike!
    Hope you had a great Christmas.
    I'm working on a SW list as well:
    Logan + 4 WG in a Land Raider
    5 WG in a 2nd Land Raider
    and 2 Dreads with Drop Pods

    Short and sweet!
    Can't wait for next game night!

  4. anonymous: just make sure your second landraider Termie Squad is not the same as your first. You can only have one squad of each termie in a raider, like normal or assault. cool man, looks like a tiny army


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