Knights of Bal Timorea - I'm Finished X 2 !

That's right, I finished two knights!

I was working on the red and yellow knight using my Dickerman family heraldry.
It is fairly complex in 28mm, so I had some decals made up by Citadel Six, and here he is finished and ready to join the other knights of Bal Timorea.

I had some extra knightly bits around, so I decided that I would also model a knight using my Mother's family name, Wilken, which I also had heraldry for.
This is fairly simple, but while doing my other decals, they threw a few of these in also. I used a decal on the shield, but the rest I decided to try freehand, and it wasn't too hard.

So there are my two knights, a little bit of my family history, ready to go off to the winner.

That will bring the total to 8 painted knights, a Bretonnia army book, a knight on a Pegasus, and I will also be throwing in a standard bearer and 2 more unpainted knights.

Just enough to start a small knight army.

The rest of the knights will be rolling in soon, and then I will have the drawing, and the knights will have a new General!



  1. Nice work, these guys look awesome, I can't wait to see the 'muster shot'!

  2. Great job John. I particularly love the use of your own heraldry, as you see emblems you wouldn't usually in a fantasy army. I really really like the anchor, it just looks very real and believable.

  3. Mine's done and will go in the mail on Wednesday to you.

    Ron, From the Warp

  4. They look great John, I can wait to see the completed unit. Thanks for putting this project together!


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