Updating My Deathwing to the New FAQ Amendments

Die hard Deathwing players got a decent boost with the unexpected amendments in the recent GW FAQ update.

Some of the worst list options in the past are now some of the best, and once standard list items are now tossed aside.

How does this effect modeling my Deathwing army?

In the most simple terms, I am swapping in some Thunderhammers and Storm Shields, and Cyclone Missile Launchers and adding an Apothecary.

Hammers will give some punch and the Storm Shields a 3++ save.

Missiles will give 2 shots, some range and a choice of S4 AP6 blast for troops or S8 AP3 for anti tank, and I can still use it on a model with close combat weapons.

Apothecary will add feel no pain to my assault squad. I painted his helmet, right knee and left claw white and added a Narthecium/Reductor next to the white claw.

So here is the new updated look of the squads;

The HQ choices, with an added Terminator Librarian option.

The 1st or Assault Squad with 2 hammer and 3 claw Terminators, one of the claws is the Apothecary.

2nd Squad with a hammer and Cyclone with chain fist.

3rd Squad with chainfist, and Cylcone and hammer/ shield on same model.

The rules also changed the POTMS on the Land Raiders to BS4, but they still look the same.

I have done a lot of reading on Tactics for the Deathwing at the Deathwing Tactics thread at Warseer.
Russells Teapot, Lion El Jason and others there, have done some great work in keeping the Deathwing alive, and now with new options the forum is abuzz with new ideas and new takes on Deathwing tactics, and I imagine there will be sweeping changes and new favorite list builds.

I know I will be watching.



  1. Yeah the FAQs for both the Dark Angels and Templars were very nice. I am dusting off my Templars now and playing around with lists.

    Enjoy the update :)

  2. Damn that's looking really good!

    Also I'm still amazed at the speed you have of getting them painted. You've finished your army and then updated it for the new FAQ while I'm still working on my second squad and building land raiders hehehe

    We're going to need some battle reports I think!

  3. So, with the new FAQ in place, your terminators are just flat-out better than normal space marine terminators, right?

    I'm glad that GW unleashed this surprise FAQ update, and hope that you Dark Angels players run out and buy some more models so that GW sees an uptick in sales. If that happens, perhaps keeping their FAQs updated will become the norm.

  4. The updates are looking good, I especially like that terminator apothecary. Let us know how the new FAQ translated in a real table top experience, if it gives the army that much needed refresh or if the improvements are minimal at best.

  5. They look fantastic, are you going to pick up an Achilles from FW as Backup?

  6. Wow your deathwing models are awesome. I am loving seeing the old deathwing back on the boards thanks to the new FAQs


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