Wolf Wing Update; Bishkek 2nd Update!

Check out the first five models of my Wolf Wing, which eventually will grown into 17 Models, 1 Landraider, a drop pod and something else. I am really not sure if I will ever play with them, but I do enjoy the modeling. Here are the 5, now finished:
If you want to read more about the HQ's, click on the Spacewolves label in the content cloud on the left. Here are the two latest models, that I painted over the last 2 weeks:

Terminator with Assault Cannon

and Terminator with Stormshield and Thunder Hammer

Also, since I have been a bit more active in the local game scene in Santa Cruz, I have been really encouraged by the kind words many players had for my Bishek 2nd Army (for more on those, click on the label Bishek 2nd). It encouraged me to try to finish this army, before deciding what to do with it. So I painted up a Storm trooper as a test and primed the other nine...

Hope this inspires!



  1. The Space Wolves are looking great as does the Storm Trooper. I am really enjoying following the progress!

  2. I too am loving the dark brooding look of the colours very nice stuff.


  3. I like how the yellow came out. I generally don't like the yellow with blue-gray color scheme that's common for Wolves, but the colors you've selected go together well.

    Do you mind sharing the recipe for the yellow?

  4. Alex: I use bubonic brown to start and work my way up to bleached bone with sepia washes in between. Maybe I should do a tutorial about it.

  5. Thanks, Mike. I might use that for the crests on some Lizardmen Salamanders I need to paint up.

  6. These guys look amazing! Did I miss the rest of them somewhere? Latest post is for January - were you able to complete your project?

    Fabulous Job!

  7. i slowly getting inspired again....decided to work on the drop pod


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