400 Points of Lizarmen, Warband Bolster

Well, after last months game I learned a few things.
1. Kroxigor strikes last and will not live long enough to do so.
2. Skinks are fragile, and blowguns unreliable in small numbers.
3. Saurus are pretty tough and steadfast.
4. Don't wait til the day of the game to finish my models.

So, with 200 more points to spend, I decided to ditch the Krox. and add a bunch of cheap skirmishing skinks to saturate with blowgun darts and harass. In 7 small 3 man teams (min. size in warbands) these guys should be annoying, and not worth charging.

I added 5 more Saurus to make a longer lasting block of 15.

and with the left over points added a Salamander with skink handlers, with the new flamer template rules this guy should be wicked.

well those are the boys, we shall see how they do on Friday night.



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