Barter Bucket: 3/12/11

Another world, another time. In the age of wonder.

A thousand years ago this land was green, until the Bucket cracked. A single piece was lost, a shard of the Bucket. Then strife began, and people began charging for bits and single models. Here in the castle of the Bucket, Santa Cruz Warhammer took control. Now the bits flow freely once more. Now the Bucket hangs above a shaft of air and fire. Once more gamers gather at the Bucket. Once more they replenish their bits bins. The Bucket...
edwardalbertiv at aol dot com needs bits to create Mordheim warbands:
  1. bits from any of the WHFB races, ask for details
for trade:
  1. Skaven bits
  2. Wood Elf bits
  3. Hirst Arts castings, ask for details
neiskata dot gak at gmail dot com is looking to start their first WHFB battle and needs:
  1. Goblin spider riders, Skull Pass or other
  2. River Trolls, any
  3. Pump Wagons, any
for trade:
  1. Space Wolf bits, all kinds and varieties
  2. OOP Ork Killa Kan and Deff Dredd, metal
  3. SM Devastator weapons, assorted
ryanjmcd at gmail dot com is looking for:
  1. IG Primaris Psyker
  2. IG Sanctioned Psykers
  3. IG Storm Troopers, any
for trade:
  1. WHFB Dwarf Army, ask for details
  2. WHFB Goblin army, ask for details
  3. SM Terminators, not assembled x2
zealotohio at gmail dot com has an special request and would like to purge most of his stuff, he has a detailed post about at his blog, I am a Forge World, here. Check it out.

goosefaff at gmail dot com is looking for:
  1. WHFB Skaven models (all) from Island of Blood
for trade:
  1. WHFB High Elf models (all) from Island of Blood
oniakki at gmail dot com wants:
  1. Forgeworld MkIII Iron Armor marine, x1
  2. Techpriests, Techmarines, and/or Servitors, any
  3. Iron Brotherhood from Micro Art Studio, any
for trade:
  1. Tau Empire, Tyranid, and Dark Angel bits
  2. Wargames Factory Shock Troops, on sprue
  3. Malifaux Archanist Ice Gamin and Golem
40kfelix at gmail dot com wants:
  1. SM Chapter-specific icon shoulder pads
srbuman at gmail dot com wants:
  1. IG Leman Russ turrets, any OOP
  2. Whirlwind turret, current plastic one or older metal one
  1. Incredible amount of Chaos SM and SM bits, just ask
  2. WHFB Brettonian Army book, 5th edition
  3. SM Iron Hands shoulder pads, x6
  4. Chaos SM Thousand Sons chest piece, x6
  5. Chaos SM Thousand Sons shoulder pads, x5
  6. Chaos SM Thousand Sons arm pairs, x2
  7. Ork Lobba w/o crew
lordshaper at lordshaper dot com wants:
  1. Epic SM Terminators, x10 minimum
  2. Tau Empire Crisis Suit missile launchers, x3
  3. 30mm Gravestones, any
  4. Machine Cogs, random and assorted
  5. 40mm round bases, x10
  6. 30mm round lipped bases, x10
jackal at lglogan dot com wants:
  1. IG Catachan command heads with beret, x20
  2. IG Catachan, anything related
  3. Ork Kannon w/ crew, x3 any condition
  4. Ork Zzap Gun w/ crew, x3 any condition
  5. WHFB Cowled Necrarch Vampire on foot
  1. Space Marines bits, assorted
  2. Chaos SM bits, assorted
  3. SM Capt. Shrike, assembled only
  4. BT Emperor's Champion, original sculpt NIB
av8hotrod at yahoo dot com (SCWH's John) wants:
  1. WHFB Island of Blood small rulebook, buy or trade
mike.tess at charter dot net (SCWH's Mike)wants:
  1. SM Land Raiders, old or new unpainted or unassembled
  1. Ork Army, as featured on this blog
miksminis at gmail dot com (SCWH's Mik) wants:
  1. Blood Bowl Dwarf linemen, x4 3rd edition sculpts
  2. 40k Squats or Chaos Squats, assorted any
  1. SM and Chaos SM bits
  2. Converted IG troops, Catachan and Cadian
  3. Rackham Barbarians, metal
The Bucket has one purpose, gamers helping other gamers. It's a place to trade the stuff you have laying around, the stuff you're not using and get the stuff you do need. No more buying whole sets for just one model, no more buying overpriced single bits. This concept is kept alive by the cooperative spirit of all of us.

Make sure your email gets to me by Thursday for it to post that week, emails got to miksminis at gmail dot com. Please keep them simple and concise with details, and limit your requests for needs and haves to three items each. This will turn a shotgun effect of a huge list crossing your fingers hoping for a bite to a more streamlined surgical bits hunt. It will also keep the Bucket itself compact and efficient.

Remember, change comes from within...your bits box!


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