Game Kastle Swap Meet Haul

Saturday once again found me on my way over to the Game Kastle swap meet in San Jose.

These Swaps have always been good to me and are a fun way to support my frugal gaming approach. This time was no different and I left with a nice haul.

Built Land Raider $10. Shadowsword in shrinkwrap $40. Fantasy 8th ed. big book $20. White Dwarf 30yr mini $10. Warhammer Online exclusive Grumlok & Gazbag mini $10. and 6 OOP Rhino MkI variants for an up coming project $5. each

I also grabbed these single minis on the cheep, slayer pirate (needed one more for a unit) Gotrex with troll head, dwarf guard with hammer, and an old gobbo with a spear to use as a squig herder.

I also grabbed this box of trees to bolster the game club supply as we are doing Fantasy warbands.

Thats it, hope you all are able to find some great deals too.



  1. That's one helluvah haul for a really great price. Nice job!

  2. Really great loot you got there, and a great price to boot. Well done!

  3. Those prices are ridiculous.
    Is this a hoax?

  4. Real deals, and prices.

    there were lots more deals, some gamers were cleaning house and armies were going cheep.

    I was trying not to get carried away and focus on things that were too good to pass up or that I needed for a project.

    Mike just got me a new Fantasy book, but this one was so cheep, I had to get it as a trade item to get me closer to a little Blood Island rules book that will fit in my army case.

    If you don't have a good swap in your area, why not start one?

    I had such a good time, I am thinking about bringing stuff to trade to our monthly game night for a mini swap.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer


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