Sculpting your own bases: the lazy man's way

The image above is from my squad of Ghouls in my Hordes of Vormond Army. Check out the bases.  They have little hills, a fence or shield here and there and some grass. If you like this kind of base, check out this post.
First I want to say that basing your models is about as crucial as doing a good paint job. On my Bishkek 2nd Army I went with resin bases all the way, mostly from Dragon Forge, which makes really excellent ones. But in Fantasy there is not as much choice, which is a shame. You lost out on my money!

With the start of my Vampire Counts I figured I can never do an amazing job, but certainly good enough for the table top. Here's another example from the Grave Guard unit.

So this is how you do it.
Start with Apoxie Sculpt. You have to buy it in two's like here:

Mix it with a bit of water and press a clump on your base. While it is still wet, press it on some sand. You can add a stone, like the two top bases in the picture below.

Also, press your model on it, to create your footprint. Basing your model will be easier.

When basing a unit, make sure that all your additions, like rocks and other items don't inventervene with eachother. Rank up you unit. Apoxie Sculpt is easily remodified, even after an hour, just use some water to make it flexible.

Let it dry overnight. Then primer it, dry brush, wash and drybrush to make it look good. Add some grass. Done.

You can be more creative like making a little wall or adding old weapons. It also depends on the unit. Ghouls raid the battlefield after battle, so adding discarded weapons makes sense.


This ghoul is scrambling over a little hill..

or you can glue 3 bases together and make a bigger hill  with 3 or 4 warriors together.

Coming out of the ground

it's great fun and looks good on the tabletop and ANYONE can do this!

Go get some!



  1. Amazing bases! You inspire me yet again! I cannot wait to play against your undead horde at our next game night!

  2. Oh yeah...and Jen says skellies coming out of the ground are cute! =)

  3. Great job, I have two large tubs of apoxie I don't use much, this will definitely be stolen.

  4. That's so cool! I wanna try it for sure, does anyone know where I could find the apoxie-stuff?

  5. Here's a link of apoxie sculpt on ebay

  6. Looking cool! Simple and effective!

    Thanks for sharing, is always nice to see and learn some different methods of basing (at least for me, I love basing models!!!)



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