SCW Game Night Pics / SCW Needs You!

I am going to kick off this post with some pics from our local game night. These meetings are getting better and better.

Here are some pics of some of the guys playing Fantasy for the Warbands expansion series we are doing, its been great fun.

If you can find a good spot I highly recommend getting a group together, most of us had never really met before, and now we have a great bunch of guys all from the local area. If you don't have a store that you can play in, you can take control and do it yourself.

Santa Cruz Warhammer was started to get in touch with other local hobbyists in our small town, we have met so many cool people from right here in our own community.

Next we are reaching out to you, our readers for some help on this blog.

We have been enjoying the weekly Santa Cruz Honor Roll and we hope you have too, but our guest writer will not be able to continue with it, so we are looking for some help.

 If you are a blog surfer and would like to be considered to take the torch and carry it on, please contact us for details.



  1. I love the honour roll, the weekly theme is awsome. I lack the time to truly pledge myself to the cause. but maybe end every post with next weeks topic could make it work; if every one just sends in their own finds the editor checks and posts his top 10.
    my 2cents.

    hope it all works out

  2. I'd recommend sharing the load.
    Maybe four people do it once a month, or four people pick their Top 3 every week...

  3. I like the democratic nature of people making nominations. Mine for the week would be a blast from the past in the form of John Blanche's 'Blanchitsu' article. I posted the link for this on another of your reader's blogs, but I can't remember which:

    It's a PDF, and it's a very good look at Blanche's impressionistic painting and modelling style.


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