Saturday, May 14, 2011

Barter Bucket, May 14th 2011

We have an improv Barter Bucket today, since Mik had a break this week. So I will keep it simple. All of you have heard of the Heroes of Armageddon. Anyone wanting to donate a model in the box, not used, can, doesn't matter how big or small it is, we would love it and you would get a thorough praising on the Heroes of Armageddon Blog.

I am building a Storm Raven for Jawaballs and am trying to find one before heading out to the store and paying full bucks for it. I am willing to trade my own model for it though and have a lot of cool stuff to trade including lots of nicely painted Orks, Legion of the Damned boxset, The Sanguinor Unopened, Ork Shaman Fantasy (from GW hall of fame), Gaunt from Gaunt's Ghosts etc etc

I don't care if the model has been built, just don't want it painted.

if someone comes up with something really cool, I will DONATE to that person a super collectable model:
Sgt Centurius, the original Legion of the Damned Model sculpted by Jes Goodwin. That model is hard to find and still looks awesome. Here is a picture of one painted, although mine is unpainted. The one below has a link in the picture, it;s an excellent paintjob!

To get this model, you better come up with something good. I only have one of these models, so please don't make it a competition. If you want to email me, catch me at mike dot tess at charter dot net. And extra donations to the cause do make me feel better

Thanks for all the support!


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  1. I still want to give you those robogear buggy models. Where should I send them?