Death Company Storm Raven, Part 1: paint and magnets

With the Heroes of Armageddon Project firmly on track, I finally felt ready to do some modeling for one of the armies that will be given away. Jawaballs was so kind to say 'yes' to me asking if I could paint up a bird for his Blood Angels army. That army needs a Death Company Storm Raven and I felt inspired to do something nice with that. I made a trade with a wonderful reader and got my kit in two days later. Here's a progress report. I like to do these modeling series in about six articles and I hope someone will get inspired by it. Comments or constructive critisism are welcome!

After putting the hull together, I primed the inside with Tamiya Aircraft Grey, a nice, light tone excellent for cargo bays and the like
Then I washed the inside with Sepia to get some muted definition
With the trusted Devlan Mud I went over important ridges, like door frames and cables 
 With a black wash I went back minimally, just to give accents to the deepest shadows. Remember, most of this won't be visible, but it's a matter of principle for me; with the doors open you can always get a glimpse and that has to look good.
 I picked off some details, like monitors and the rigging above the door
 Then, using a scrubber and some charadon granite, I weathered the places where there would be damage to the paint
 Here's a peek through the door
 After attaching the roof, I decided to magnetize the wings for easy transport, to Games Day in Chicago but also for the winner of the BA army. I actually ended up with 3 magnets for each wing
 A strip of tin
 and bingo, works perfect
 transport ready..ready for priming


  1. Looking good. I like what you're doing with the interior.

  2. Nicely done. Like the idea of magnetizing the wings just to make transport easier.

  3. I think I'll do the same for the wings to make transporting easier. Awesome wear and tear on the interior

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  5. looks sweet, out of curiosity whats the closest GW paint to the light grey colour used on the interior?


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