Death Company Storm Raven, Part 2: black planes suck

After magnetizing the wings, I realized I forgot an upper part, that goes right on top of the wings! So I had to cut some holes in the side of that part as to make the wings still easily detachable. This is what that looks like for all of you want to try it.

After that I was home free, this model is very easy to put together.

So on to the painting job. Which is a daunting task, to say the least. Painting a black model leaves you with few options if you don't have an airbrush. Here's the one that GW put on their website, but that one obviously was not drybrushed. I do like the crosses on the wings.

So this was my first attempt: a soft drybrush with lining around the panels.

After half an hour I hated it and reprimed it. I did that twice in a row until I decided I had to be bold. So I made massive streaks of codex grey, then lighter, thin streaks of fortress grey; my wife commented "finally it looks like you have an idea". I took that for a good sign.

I was inspired by all the art around me: here's our dinner table, full with paint, paper and models. My girls were busy painting cards, my lady making some fun art and me with my plane..

Not sure how I will go from here, but this is where it's at now. I will still line the panels I think

Bear with me. Gotta make some effort; this plane will be part of the Blood Angels Prize in the Heroes of Armageddon Charity Drive.



  1. I like it. It makes it look fast! I certainly think that you need to highlight the lines around all the panels. That will break up the model a bit.

    Looks great so far!

  2. I like what you came up with. I have been planning on emulating that stormraven from the GW site for some time but it just sits around primed black instead.

  3. That is looking sweet. The streaking contrasting the overall black really makes the model.

  4. The streaking is working for me... I do hope you know what I mean by that. Anyway, nice dinner table. My wife insists on continually putting food on ours. Any my kids are too small to enjoy any really crafty-ness, but one day I hope to have a dinner table more like yours!


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