Monday, May 9, 2011

Heroes of Armageddon - Getting to Work

This year I have decided to build something for all four of the Grand Prize armies.

To kick off my modeling for the project I will be covering what I am doing for the Steel Legion Army.

This army build team is lead by Dave Taylor, after talking with Dave he assigned me the Veteran squad that will be using the Valkyrie transport. This Vet squad is an Armageddon Ork Hunter squad with Harker as the leader, with shotguns and flamer spam, and should be great for killing Orks.

Armageddon Ork hunters are made up of elite specialists and outcasts and are bolstered by Catachan Jungle Fighters.

I needed to get an idea of where to start on these. I decided on a few requirements;

-All GW bits- If it was for me, I would get bits from wherever, but this is going to an army winner and I want to make sure they can use it anywhere.

-Different- all the Ork hunters I have seen are made from the old Catachan plastic troops, I am not a big fan of the old plastic Catachan models, they seem a bit cartoon like and too Ramboish the arms are just too massive. I decided to go with a LRRP / biker gang style mixed up group, with a bit of Alien Colonial Marines.

-Mods- to make it special, I want every mini to have some custom work.

I picked up a Catachan Command box, the newer sculpts are a bit toned down and there are lots of good bits in there, also ordered a few sets of Marine scout shotguns, they are a little big, but they are easy to recognize and great for WYSIWYG, and then I did a big toss of the bits box and old mini grave yard.

Here is what I have come up with, basically assembled and before finish details, just to get an idea of the group.

on the left is a flamer troop, Cadian flak vest torso, flamer and tanks, Catachan legs and command sprue bandanna head, arms are Empire flagellant, right is Harker

Next LtoR Heavy Flamer is all Catachan command with a marauder mohawk head and a plastic Ork skull, Vasquez is an old female guard model with swapped in plastic flamer and tanks, the biker is a Catachan command with flak vest marauder head with braided beard removed and shotgun, Slick is Catachan legs Cadian flak vest and slicked back hair command sprue head zombie skinny arms and shotgun.

LtR Beret guy has Catachan running legs, flak vest, flagellant arms, command beret head, shotgun, the Pointer is a Catachan metal heavy weapon assistant with shotgun, ork skull, pack and knife. Axeman was a mortar gunner has a marauder axe, shotgun and pack. Scout is a heavy weapons assistant with shotgun, canteen and big knife added.

I still need to add some orky trophies, can anyone recommend some good sprues with slings and teeth and other good stuff.

Soon I will do a test paint job to try some camo on the pants and try some simple tattoos.



  1. I always like to add some of the Tau Kroot slings that have teeth and hair like tufts to my ork kommandos weapons to make them look more tribal. This may be a good place to start looking for some good trophy like decorations!


  2. I'm surprised you were able to get the flagelant arms to fit so well. Was that difficult? Also I second using the Kroot sprue for trophies. It has teeth, meat hooks, grenades, slings, everything you need.

  3. Brilliant work - I really love the designs and enjoyed reading your process. Thanks for sharing this. It's a great insight to what I am starting on at the moment too.
    All the best.

    Custom Exhausts