Weekly Heroes of Armageddon Prizes: Cool Mini or Not Annuals!

This week I received some wonderful prizes in the mail: two hardbound Cool Mini or Not Annuals with the best models of 2009. The book came out a few months ago and I actually ordered on for myself when it came out. It was the best 35 dollars I spent in a long time. The book is inspiring and the paintwork is mind blowing and it made me excited to try out all kinds of new models and paint styles. I asked Travis from CMON if they would want to help out with the Heroes Project and he gladly obliged. We have TWO books to give away. Here are some views:

If you have never checked out Cool Mini or Not, do it now and sign up and upload your images. It's fun and healthy to get rated by your peers and there are thousands of great models to look at. AND it is all FREE. Here's the link to the current top ten

I also want to show you this model:
 It's a mounted knight painted by the German Painter Simon M. It's currently in the top ten Fantasy and was for a long time in the top ten overall. It's a stunner, right? Well, I asked Simon if he would donate one of his models to Heroes of Armageddon ....and he said YES. Next week we will be giving away one of Simon's models! Here's a picture of that model..more about it next wednesday.
So this week the books and NEXT week this model, a truly cool prize. 

Remember, if you want to have a chance winning any of the coming weekly prizes, you will have to have donated to the Heroes Project by this Sunday! See Pay Pal link on the right top.

Thanks and support Cool Mini or Not, it's a great site.