Amazing Weekly Prizes for Heroes of Armageddon

Battleroad Games, located near Boston in Massachussetts and with an online presence at and on Ebay, has been extremely generous to the Heroes of Armageddon Project. This week we will be giving all their wonderful donations away, thanks to Alex from Battleroad. He believes in the cause of helping Doctors Without Borders and he loves the hobby and the gaming, in short he is allright and an upstanding citizen to boot. 
Check out his store if you are near Boston or go to his ebaysite/website for sales on stuff. 
OK here are the prizes for this week:

1 box of Black Templars Sword Brethern

2 (yes TWO) Furioso Dreadnoughts

2 (yes TWO) Ork Stompas

2 (yes TWO) Shadowswords. 
I mean, I will get to draw SEVEN winners this Sunday! Thank you Battleroad Games! 
So make sure you donate some money to our amazing project using the paypal link on the top right and you might be the one getting a awesome new model in the mail.

Drawing this Sunday!



  1. Thank you Battleroad Games!!!
    You're too kind!!!

  2. Just a quick question, when I donated, it went to the Storm Wardens fund, but now I noticed that it goes to the Heroes of Armageddon fund. I still count as being entered, right?

  3. yes, the account for the charity drive is named stormwardens but the money for this year is all going to Doctors without Borders in honor of heroes of armageddon..thanks and good luck!

    Santa Cruz Warhammer
    Heroes of Armageddon

  4. DId you forget to post this over at the actual Heroes page? Just wondering as I see it at SC, just not over there...

  5. Drax-

    Thanks for the heads up, I added it.


    You would be surprised how hard it is to change your account name at paypal, so to save us a lot of trouble, the Storm Wardens name on the title page was left in place as we had worked out all the bugs and the Paypal "store" was finally running smoothly. We are only taking donations to the HoA project, so yours will be entered in this drawing.



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