A lot of stuff going on...and how to juggle it

The last 4-5 months have been really rewarding for me and the blog. John and I finally came up with a solid structure for the Santa Cruz Warhammer Game night, which is happening now every month in a killer location and on invitation only. We have a wonderful group of about 25 people on the email list and ever time we draw about 10-15 players. It's wonderful, I have made friends and there is never any stress when we all are together. 
John jump started a fantasy campaign that really took off and made everyone scramble to get models painted up, 200 points at a time. In the beginning I could keep up but the last couple of time I got bummed out about getting all those models painted (nicely), I am a really slow painter. It started to stress me out and last time I just decided to paint and not play. It felt good. Of course after that, I got really inspired finished up this squad over a week.
Here's the banner. My 7 year old prepared the 4 quarters and painted them nicely, I put in the designs.
And the bases are magnetized
I used the slightly smaller magnets so the tin sheet and the magnet are NOT touching each other. The pull is great without touching each other, so when you remove a model during a game, you don't pull the whole tray off the table. Works out good.
Skellies are a lot of work but when the unit is done, it feels good.

The Heroes of Armageddon is a daily stream of pleasure, pride and stress. There is no way around it, this project is ambitious and huge and it was inevitable that problems arise. I have certainly lost sleep over it, still, despite everything, John and I chat over the phone every day and he is mellow and gracious and he got me out of my rut and made me feel proud to be part of this awesome project, connect with the hugely talented building teams and to be part of this amazing and generous gaming community. 
And then there suddenly is the Tau. Out of nowhere I got obsessed, traded stuff with a friend and I am on the road to starting a new project. After the Heroes of Armageddon are done, I will build a 1500 point Tau army. The boss here came without the back torso and jumppack, so i built one out of one of the Devilfish weapon systems:
More to come, always stuff to do AND check out the GREAT PRIZES that we will give away this coming wednesday for the Heroes of Armageddon!



  1. Are you building your Tau to game with, or to paint(or both)? I've become obsessed with them as well, but I'm hesistant to commit to readily to them because of the imminent codex release. I look forward to seeing your Tau progress.

  2. call me out of the loop, I hadn't even heard of a new codex...?

  3. You don't read the internetz? Rumors point to the next three releases being Necrons, Tau, and Sisters, with Necrons landing like, September-October'ish, and Tau coming around first quarter 2012.

    Might not be true. However, if it is true, does it dampen your new found tau enthusiasm? It has mine. I'm weary about buying Crisis suits and other models because they may get a re-sculpt. What do you think?

  4. thanks man, i guess not. Heard of the necrons and sisters, not the tau

    I can't imagine they will resculpt the suits, they will just add models i figure. Nah, I am stoked to start on these guys, I don't really care about playing and I have some cool ideas...if you want to hand me some firewarriors....they will probably get a new sculpt...hehehe

  5. Hi Mike!
    Jen is thoroughly impressed with how the skellies turned out - VERY NICE!!

    That unit is her favorite so far!
    I look forward to seeing how they stand against my Empire gunline! =)

    If you need any help with HoA stuff, please shoot me an email - I'm willing to help and I'm still on vacation. I've been busy working on scenery for our game nights!



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