Games Day Chicago 2011 Preview

Just in from Chicago, tired, great time. 

Next year Games Day 2012 will be in Chicago ...again.

The Heroes club table won best theme, the Jawa Banner won best banner, Chris Borer's Steel Legion Master of Ordinance won a Demon.

The Heroes of Armageddon Club Table.

Bloggers, John (Me/Santa Cruz Warhammer), Brian (InnerGeek), John (Drathmere/40kHobby Blog) Brian(Gentilemans Ones)

Some of the painting crew, Jawaballs, Alex "Red Beard" Kallend, Kirill "Mad Russian" Zhilkov, Dave Taylor, Chris Borer, Cho.
Cho blew us away and won a Silver Demon, against some very tough competition, his best showing yet, look out for him next year.

Brian (the Table Guy) closes the deal on an additional $600 donation for one of the tables.

Kirill'sYarrick in the Golden Demon Contest display, this amazing model made the final cut in a very tough class.

Chris' Master of Ordinance Golden Demon winner
Jawaballs and Frozen Joe. Chris is basking in the afterglow of some kid asking for his autograph.( ok I told him to gimme a thumbs up, but some kid really did ask for his autograph)

I met a lot of cool people, we had a great time, more pics to come very soon, I promise.



  1. Great to see you again John, a great day and a solid wrap-up to a great project! Here's to the Heroes Of Armageddon!


  2. Did they say where GD 2012 will be?

  3. Chicago in 2012.

    Good to see some coverage as I failed to make the 4 hour drive down this year.

  4. No pictures of me ;(
    But the event is great and I have like 66 pictures to prove it!

  5. The pics don't do the armies or the table justice. I had a great conversation with John about the painting and work of the armies and table. I wish I could have taken the other half of the table home, but I did win one of the fantasy realm of battle boards. Class act work guys I'm already saving up to donate next year.

  6. It was great to get to meet you and the rest of the guys. Thanks for letting me tag along and introducing me to some great folks!

  7. It was awesome to see the armies all come together in the epic battle scene. Also nice to see some new people and put faces to blog names. Glad to have been a part of it and it was very fun this year.

  8. Looking great, and congrats to all who won something or did well in the Daemons.

    Very impressive work!

  9. Great to see the HoA end on such a high note. You guys did some amazing work!


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