Heroes of Armageddon - Final Weekly Drawing Winners!

The winners of The Bolter and Chainsword Prizes in the last of the weekly prize drawings are:

The Deck of Cards goes to; Joseph White of State College, PA

The B&C Patch goes to; James Preusser of Chicago, IL

Not only did you win the B&C swag, but you are still in the running for tonight's big drawing.

Remember today 6PM Eastern and 3PM Pacific we will be live on the Jawaballs Podcast on Ustream where we will finally be drawing the 4 Army Grand Prize winners, and there will also be some other prizes just for viewers that tune in and know their 40K trivia. 

We start with a clean slate and everyone that made a contribution will have their shot at winning one of the four Army Grand Prizes!

Just click on the countdown clock on the right sidebar and watch the drawing LIVE!

See you on Jawaballs live!


  1. I just wanted to say thanks on behalf of Warhammer Gamers everywhere. For the last months I have been following the developments on Heroes for Armageddon like a hawk and found myself hooked on the weekly prizes whilst knowing any and all donations would be going to a cause worthy of some of my money.
    After actually winning after the first time donation I made I could not help but be hooked and have donated every week since.
    Thanks to each and every one of you. I can personally say that I am looking forward to the next project.


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