Heroes of Armageddon Blood Angels Army comes home

John and I were finally able to finish up our part of the Heroes of Armageddon Charity Drive. The winner of the Blood Angels army, Peter Dean, lives in Oakland and we agreed to meet halfway between Santa Cruz and Oakland: GameKastle in San Jose (the BEST game store in the Bay Area I think). Anyway, we were kindly allowed to set up the entire army and await Peter. Here is another quick overview:

Jawaballs Banner and Battlefoam Travel Case

The army

The swag with the custom templates from Galeforce Nine and the super cool dice from Bolter and Chainsword and chessex

And then Peter walked in:
Checking out more stuff..

John made a nice shirt for Peter
And here he is in front of Game Kastle:

That's it! Now it's on to Next Year's Project.....

Just letting you all know: this army was shipped from Chicago to Santa Cruz but got LOST for two weeks. We never told Peter and only with grim determination John was able to track it down, shouting down one UPS-er and wooing another...it was found but not before we lost many hours of valuable sleep...



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