Monday, September 19, 2011

Ogres and Skintones: a raging debate

With the release of the new Ogre Kingdom Codex, many people let out a gasp of horror: human skintones? Lots of players believe the Ogres should have stayed green, others love the new human look. I certainly prefer the non green look, simply because it gives you more opportunties to add variety, kind of like normal people all look a bit different. Therefore I painted up a couple of testmodels and wanted to share the paint scheme with you all.

Here are the boys:

Both models came from the scrappy lot that John generously donated to me for my Ogre obsession...nothing better then a zip-loc ful of stuff! Anyway, the one model missed a hand, so I created a stump with blood soaked, green stuff bandages, the other one had flock glued to him, to make him look hairy. That model also had damage on its back. needless to say, these are perfect test models!
OK, first the paint scheme on the pink one:

 Basecoat: Tallarn Flesh Foundation paint
Wash: Devlan Mud
Highlight: tanned flesh
2nd highlight: Dwarf Flesh
Wash only in the shaded areas: Devlan Mud

Now the yellow guy:

Basecoat: Tallarn Flesh Foundation paint
Wash: Devlan Mud
Highlight: Tallarn Flesh Foundation paint
2nd highlight: Bronzed Flesh (discontinued)
Wash over all: Gyrophone Sepia
Highlight: Bronzed flesh (discontinued)

Which way to go now with the rest?



  1. I never followed the last official GW colors in terms of its weirdness. Mix this and that. I used Olive Skin Tone triad from Reaper and they came out pretty good. For me, it's a return to the normal situation that ogres had before the codex. Dogs of War ogres were not green.

  2. Personally, I prefer the look of the yellow ogre...but I think a mix of both would break up the monotony of troops. Humans are all different why not ogres?

  3. I painted an ogre army over a couple months earlier this year. I used the GW recipe, and mixed up some pots of the paints and found it a real pleasing method in the end. You can see them here:

    From what I see here, I'd go with the human skin tone...actually when were GW ogres ever green? I don't remember that. The yellow could work but it needs to be refined a bit.

    If you like abnormal colors for ogre skin, try mixing yellows or greens with grey, this will tone them down a bit and make them more natural. If you don't want to have to mix colors every time, mix them into a spare paint pot and use that one color for the whole army. Once you start doing this, you'll end up making loads of unit colors. I've got a set of my own creations that I use all the time now.

    What ever you choose, we'll love seeing it! Ogres rule!

  4. old shatterhands: those Ogres look great!
    Joe: do you have a link to look at?

  5. Human skin tone all the way.

    My 0.02 cents.