Friday, September 16, 2011

SCWH Honor Roll #29 - Terrain

Welcome to the SCWH Honor Roll now brought to you with love and care direct from Matt and Lantz, two dashing fellows from over at MWC and TLA! This week we've got terrain pieces and tutorials out the wazoo!

A Guardsman's Guide To Glory - Apocalypse Scale Cathedral in Gameplay
A Guardsman's Guide To Glory - Necron Obelisk
At-Large Gamers - Gaming Table for Penny Arcade
The Magnificent Bastards - Chaos Waste Terrain
The Waaagh Cast - Display Board
Fist Full of Seamen - Gaming Tables
The Vanus Temple - Big Spinny Vortex of Doom!
Massive Voodoo - Creating Waves

Lantz: Throwing a monkey-wrench into things we have terrain this week. While I enjoyed GGtG's Cathedral WIP posts last month and enjoy the current shots during a game, the simplicity of the Necron Obelisk take the cake in my book. First, Necrons are my favorite GW army, and second this thing looks superb. I might actually have to start buying those shower gel bottles and bathing myself for once in order to get some terrain going. On another Necron related note, The Vanus Temple is back! And while what he has to show off isn't his typical Necron-ee work, his Vortex of Doom is amazing to say the least.

Matt:Of course you'd pick the Necron Terrain as top dog Lantz, we are all very well aware of your love of all things shiny and metallic. Seriously though, that thing really is awesome but for me, its the Cathedral that really takes the cake. I did have a few others but alas, they seem to have gone MIA. Darn those pesky grots!

Mike and John's additions for this week's Honor roll are:

Mike:  As usual it's hard for me to abide with the theme: this time I was very excited about Psychosis's Madhouse Chaos Marauders, they look awesome and I immediately sent John a link, since he is building Marauders..great stuff!

John: I like this historic British hill fort from John's Toy Soldiers

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  1. Thanks for the plug Mike. There is a lot more left to build of this army. Many more pieces to collect. And tons more to paint. I also plan to do a War Mammoth at some point.