Friday, September 30, 2011

SCWH Honor Roll #31 - Conversions

Welcome to the SCWH Honor Roll now brought to you with love and care direct from Matt and Lantz, two dashing fellows from over at MWC and TLA! This week we have a bunch of top-notch conversions!

Spikey Bits - True Scale Ironclad Dreadnought
Master of the Forge - Vulkan He'stan
PsychosisPC - Space Wolf Scouts
From The Warp - Eversor Assassin
Sons of the Apocrypha - Terminators/Librarians
Eye of Error - Necron Destroyer Lord and DEldar Dragon Rider
White Metal Games - Ku'Gath and Tomb Stalker 
recalcitrantdaze -  Ork Mekboy Junka 1  
Victoria Miniatures - Penal Legion Conversion Kit Preview
CmON - Falkar the Tropic Ranger

Lantz: There seemed to be a lull in projects this week, which happens here and there. Fortunately for you all there are those out there still hammering away at projects and this week is a good one for conversions. MotF is back at it again with more GSing (I would have that man's babies for his conversion talent; science is doing some interesting things these days.) PsychosisPC shares a conversion with us, unhappy with how the SW Scouts look and hording chaos bits, took his Scouts to a new level of win. SotA has an interesting article, conversion and some blasts from the past with his Librarians. EoE is showing off his DEldar Rider everyone seems to be swooning over. You know what? I say meh. How can you give a second glance to that conversion when on the same page there's a counts-as Necron Destroyer Lord!? Now, it's entirely possible I'm a Necron fanboi, but it's also equally as possible that this is an amazing conversion. (Okay, so the DEldar rider is awesome, too. I'm just on the verge of getting "stabby" waiting on the new Necron codex.) Speaking of people within stabbing distance; what have you got for us, Matt?

Matt: What do I have for us this week Lantz? Hmm let me dig around in my bag of sweet conversions from around the net to find out! Rictus over at recalcitrantdaze has an amazing Big Mek Ork Tank Conversion! Rictus has always been a huge inspiration to me and if his latest work is an example, hes getting better each and everyday as his latest work is a true master piece in my opinion. Victoria Miniatures is releasing a whole new conversion set for Penal Legion Troopers which look stunning! I myself cant wait to pick a set or 2 up!
Last up this week is a model I came across on CmON that is just stunning! So that's my personal picks for this week!

Mike's addition for this week's Honor roll is:

Mike: The link I have prepared for you this week will take hours for all of you to digest: Sheep's massive thread on warseer with tons of amazing conversions of his Death Korps Krieg Army.

John: Oops I almost forgot my pick... I like Samson Minis' Chaos Lord

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