Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wilhelm Shake's Spears

Wilhelm Shake is a playwright and master of a renowned theater group.
His many years of stage swordplay have made him quite capable with a blade, both on and off the stage.
Wilhelm's theater troop are not only veterans of the stage but of the battlefield as well. In times of need the entire theater group, actors and stage hands alike, will take up arms to support the Emperor.

Shoulder to shoulder they stand, with spear, armor and shield.

Wilhelm front and center calling out "Bravo Lads!" directing his company as they ply their deadly craft.

 each battle adding a bit of comedy and tragedy to the next great performance of Wilhelm Shake's Spears....

I had a batch of older Empire spearmen kicking around and decided to throw together a block of troops for Glenn as a birthday surprise. I painted them up in his favorite colors and magnetized the bases and made a matching movement tray.

I delivered them at our monthly game night at Glenn's place Friday night, and he included them in his army for the nights battle.

Happy 41st Birthday Glenn, welcome to the club, I hope they bring you good luck.



  1. What an excellent gift! Nice job again John!


  2. They looked great across the table form my Lizardmen. I didn't know about there backstory, very cool.

  3. -John, Thanks so much for the wonderful birthday gift!! I love them and Jen thinks they're quite spectacular!

    -Michael, That was a fun game, we'll have to play more! I'm glad that Wilhelm Shake's Spears survived the fight too!