Shootout at Hallow Pass: Part 2, creating the base, magnets!

Here's part 2 of the little Ogre Lead Belcher diorama with human slaves. In part one I worked on setting up the scene and building the models. After that I worked on the look of the base. using Apoxie Sculpt I added character to the base (sorry for the pictures):

I added some sand to give myself some texture to work with down the line when painting.

My idea about this rank of 4 is that the models can be taken off individually while keeping the diorama on the table. So I glued tin pieces underneath one of the feet of each Ogre:

and added a magnet into the still wet Apoxie Sculpt. I ended up with two magnets for 3 of the guys.

And here is where the job is at right now! The boys are magnetized and come right off.

And here are the boyz, prepared for painting. I used accelelerator to attach the right arm to each model stand to keep the toning of the skin the same. If you glue the ogres together before painting there are a lot of areas that you can't reach. Paint them separately!

haven't told you yet about the guy behind them, that will come in the following weeks
And here is one painted and being tested for magnet strength. I will finish the unit this week and share next monday!

Hope this inspires to do stuff a bit different!



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