Barter Bucket: 11/26/11

Another world, another time. In the age of wonder.
A thousand years ago this land was green, until the Bucket cracked. A single piece was lost, a shard of the Bucket. Then strife began, and people began charging for bits and single models. Here in the castle of the Bucket, Santa Cruz Warhammer took control. Now the bits flow freely once more. Now the Bucket hangs above a shaft of air and fire. Once more gamers gather at the Bucket. Once more they replenish their bits bins. The Bucket...
mike dot tess at charter dot net (SCWH's own Mike) is looking for EMPIRE. Have plenty of state troops and archers but lacking in everything else. Do have the codex! ALSO, anyone out there want to trade their guard army, painted or unpainted, built or unbuilt, it's all good. Lastly: mike loves old Games Workshop codexes and rulebooks. Got plenty to trade, just ask, email him at mike dot tess at charter dot net

mhcallahan at hotmail dot com is looking for:
  1. Baal Predators / Furioso Dreadnoughts
  2. Blood Angel infantry (new or old, any models including characters in good shape)
and is willing to trade:
  1. x10 Forgeworld Raven Guard upgrade kits (heads, backpacks, shoulderguards, chests)
  2. Vampire Counts, assorted (20 new skeletons, 20 ghouls, 5 converted black knights, characters)
mjsconnection at is looking to become one with the Hive Mind and needs:
  1. Plastic Tyranid Ravener tail/lower-torso (above ground version)
  2. Trygon tail end (barb with sacs)
  3. Wings suggestions for Tyranid Warrior (Parasite conversion)
for trade they have:
  1. Some Space Marine models and bits
  2. Various Tyranid models and bits
jason dot butch1 at gmail dot com needs:
  1. Space Marine MkVI ("beaky") helmets, any
and has to trade:
  1. 40k Imperial Guard bits
  2. WHFB Empire bits
srbuman at gmail dot com needs some Ork super-heavy help:
  1. Needs: Any Ork or Imperial Guard vehicle bits
  2. Has: A good chance he has the bits you need, just ask
  3. He is working on these vehicles
eriochrome at hotmail dot com, hook him up if you can with the following Blood Bowl Stuff:
  1. 2nd Ed Human: Blitzer 1, Thrower 1, Kicker 1, Kicker 2
  2. 2nd Ed Dark Elf Kicker 2, Catcher 3
  3. 2nd Ed Orc: Blocker 1, Thrower 1

av8hotrod at yahoo dot com (SCWH's own John) wants:

  1. OOP Land Raider box, the first one, just the box
  2. Long Drongs Slayer Pirates, need 6 more troops.
  3. Fantasy Chaos Marauders
  4. Fantasy Chaos Marauder Horsemen bits- heads, and torsos
The Bucket has one purpose, gamers helping other gamers. It's a place to trade the stuff you have laying around, the stuff you're not using and get the stuff you do need. No more buying whole sets for just one model, no more buying overpriced single bits. This concept is kept alive by the cooperative spirit of all of us.

Make sure your email gets to me by Thursday for it to post that week, emails go to miksminis at gmail dot com. Please keep them simple and concise with details, and limit your requests for needs and haves to three items each. This will turn a shotgun effect of a huge list crossing your fingers hoping for a bite to a more streamlined surgical bits hunt. It will also keep the Bucket itself compact and efficient.

Remember, change comes from within...your bits box!