Blood Ravens Charity Project going right now!

We got approached by Drew from the Blood Ravens Charity Project to see if we could help spread the world about this worthy cause. The Blood Ravens Charity collects space marine models, paints them up like Blood Ravens, and  will raffle off the entire army for a good cause. Proceeds go to the organisation Childs Play, which provides toys, games and books to children's hospitals world wide.

For info on the project, click here:
For their Facebook page: click here
For more info on childsplay, click here

if you want to help out in any way, email Drew at aridmonk at gmail dot com

Otherwise DONATE if you want to win this huge army! You will donate directly to Childs Play, so follow the instructions on their site. On December 22nd, Childs Play will email a list with donaters to Drew and his crew and they will pick a winner. This could be a nice, extra xmas present!

Here are some of the models that came in, for more updates go to their blog or fb page.

Of course I don't have to tell you all that in this collapsing world economy, help for the helpless is urgently needed. As always, children pay a huge bill for the folly of adults.

And yes, I donated!

Let's help!



  1. Cool project again... and for a good cause. I might find some time to paint few Blood Ravens.

    And just checking, did you get my address? I sent it in and Contact me at if you for some reason did´nt get it :) Thanks!


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