Daemonic Incursion - Magnetizing a Soul Grinder

Hey Gang, it's been a busy couple of weeks for me, but I wanted to bring you all a little update on the Daemons.

I have about 2500pts worth of Daemons (for both 40k and WHFB) and just recently purchased what I consider to be my "last" Daemon model.  I'm sure I will add lots of new toys to the collection in the future, but at this point in time I am going to consider this army complete (although I still need paint my last few additions).

Anyways, the last model that I wanted to round out my collection for 40K Daemons was a Soul Grinder.  The model and unit is one of the few models in the range that is for 40k only, and does not have a WHFB counterpart.

These are essentially giant daemon dreadnoughts that are a fusion of daemonic essence and chaotic mechanisms.  They dedicate all of the souls they extinguish to the infernal forges of their daemon masters.

In game terms, the reason I wanted one was to help me deal with massive amounts of troops on the board.  With an upgraded weapon option, this guy spits a template, has a high rate of fire assault weapon, and can drop a 5" template that will decimate even the heartiest of Space Marines!

Okay, onto the good stuff:

This is a LARGE model.  The only real reason to magnetize this guy is for ease of transport. 
There is a pretty natural division of these two halves.  They were built entirely separately from one another and fit together perfectly!
The deadly half
The scary half 

I drilled the holes for the magnet in the spine, and the one in the front.  For the magnet inside the body, I had to build  a small platform out of plasticard in order to attach a magnet there.

The corresponding magnets on the leg section.  I use a drill bit that matches the diameter of the magnets I use, which ensure a snug fit.  I often color the connecting side of a magnet when placing them to ensure correct polarities, hence the brown sharpie on the middle magnet.

I wanted to be sure to have a vertical magnet as well as a horizontal magnet to ensure that the two halves of this model would not come undone accidently.

3 magnets may have been overkill...  Better safe than sorry though I suppose.

Well, that's it for this time.  All of my Daemons are now built, and I only have a few left to paint!  The force is really coming together.

Until Next Time,
Happy Modeling.



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