I am thankful

I am thankful for...

 for you all reading it

...my wife and kids, who completely accept me as the obsessed modeler that I am. My wife has said many times that she thinks the hobby is great for me

...having John, Michael, Glenn, Lantz and Matt, Mik, Josh and Christian to share the hobby with and help me make Santa Cruz Warhammer what it is today, a vibrant and happy place.

...having figured out what I want to get out of the hobby. Not everyone I know has figured that out yet and it can take a while

...still having a long life ahead of me in which to work on the big modeling projects

...the barter bucket. Give Thanks to MIK for the most generous and kindspirited place on the web. THANKS to all you barter bucketeers for making it happen every week.

...the Heroes of Armageddon, which made this year very special for me. Thanks to Dave, Thomas, Chris and all the other team members who supported us with models and countless hours of work to raise 31.000 dollars for Doctors without Borders

...for the amazing GW artwork, like picture above. The drawings and painting never fail to inspire me

...and so much more

...and for having this blog



  1. Gonna make me blush...

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Great post! Keep on happy painting! Best Wishes, Roman

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!!
    Thank you Mike and John for all of the kind words and Thanks to everyone at Santa Cruz Warhammer for making this hobby so enjoyable!!!

  4. I am thankful that Mike can carry the blog while I am off goofing around on my adventures.

    Thanks Mike,happy holidays to you, Tess and the girls.



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