Santa Cruz Warhammer Giveaway: Our 40k Starter Set!

On Monday I posted my version of a perfect 40k starter set. I based it off of the old Space Marine Assault box with a few additions of my own. This gave me a great opportunity to think about what the absolute necessities for our hobby are. Now that I have put together this set it needs to go to a good home. I want this set to be used to bring a new player into the Warhammer hobby. This is where I need your help, and how you can win my 40k starter set.

Write a comment to this post telling us who you want to introduce this hobby to. It can be a friend, relative, child, spouse, or anyone. We will give the set to the best home, based on your comments. In a week I will select the winner and hopefully introduce a new person to our plastic addiction.

For a full list of everything included read my original post (I might even throw in some extra goodies).

If I don't choose you, or you don't have someone to give this to right now you can still find copies of Space Marine Assault on Ebay if you are interested in checking it out. Here is a link to an Ebay store that carries it (I am not recommending this particular seller please feel free to search for another retailer). Now think about who you want to turn into a wargamer, and help me send some hobby to a good home.



  1. Great idea, nice gift Mike.
    Don't count me in, just wanted to mention I liked your box and the giveaway idea. :)

  2. Hi, I would probably give the starter kit to my younger brother for christmas as I always wanted to play some Warhammer 40K but wasn't able to convince my brother in buying some miniatures. With this set however we would be able to start a game immediatly and even if he doesn't want to wargame I could use his miniatures and rules to play a game with my regular wargame opponent which also wants to try warhammer 40k.


  3. Wow, talk about perfect timing! I have a friend, who lives about 6 hours away from me, and I would love to gift him this set!

    He is coming for a visit over the Thanksgiving weekend, and I was hoping to finally push him over the edge into 40K. The biggest hurdle for him has always been the startup costs, so this set would be an amazing way to get him into the game! It has a nice assortment of models, as well all the supplies you need to start... and you even through in some terrain! Perfect!

    I keep hoping to get him into 40K, or wargaming in general, since I see him only 5 or six times a year, since he moved. Getting togehter over the tabletop is great, because it allows people to actually DO something, but is still a very casual, social situation...

    Please consider me! Thanks!

  4. That's a killer idea for a low priced starter boxed set for two people.I run a free hobby night at some stores in the st.louis area and am always on the look out for a way to get kids in to the game economically as most of the kids we deal with come from homes that can not afford a island of blood or aobr boxed set. We have a brother and sister who have been slowly working through our discount reaper packs. Every week they save up a couple bucks by a pack and sit and learn how to paint, this set would be a great way to have them play a game with figs they love to paint.

  5. That would probably be my mom. Before i moved out from my parents i managed to explain the core rules of 40k to my mom who is a nut when it comes to board games. To this day whenever i come by the ol' house, she is curious how my Csm force is expending and asks me questions about different rules (mostly assault and terrain based). Since all my minis live with me now a starter set would be a great thing to have and play with, when visiting the old folks.


  6. I would give the set to my daughter, who is now 6. I've been painting my existing Tyranid army with her over the last year or so, and it would be awesome for her to have a set of models of her own.

    As we were painting one day, she said to me, "These guys must be really fast." "Why's that," I said. "Cause they steal the jeans, and they'd have to be fast to get away." My wife was in the other room and choked from laughing so hard.

  7. Hello! I´d give the starter kit to my six year old son... He´s very interrested about the hobby, always watching me paint and asking questions about Warhammer FB and 40K. The rules are way too difficult for him, but he´s already quite good with the brush :)I´ve been planning to make some super simple rules, so he could try playing too...

  8. I would love to receive one of these as a gift.

  9. That's a great way to make an inexpensive starter set and it's really awesome that you are donating it to help spread the hobby.

    I would love to have a starter set like that for my wife because it would be perfect to help convince her to start playing. She's a talented artist and she has expressed interest in painting and playing the game, plus she thinks the models look really cool too. An excursion to the GW store today piqued her interest even more and we are even planning on going back to the GW store as part of a date so I've already got a foot in the door. She's definitely interested in the hobby and has always been very supportive of my plastic crack addiction but I think she's a little hesitant to get into it herself because she is intimidated about learning all the rules. A simple set like this would be perfect to introduce her to the hobby and help her learn the basics of the game without being overwhelming and it might be just the thing to convince her to finally get into 40k. If that fails, I can always save it for my son who is fascinated with daddy's tyranid "dinosaurs" and in the store he got *really* excited when he found a box of Chaos Warriors so I know he inherited my good taste in armies. It won't be too long until he is old enough for me to start corrupting- I mean teaching him to embrace the Chaos Gods- I mean getting him into the hobby... yeah, that's what I meant to say. Thanks for your consideration.

  10. I was going to give it to my 11yo nephew who I've been teaching to paint recently, a leg cast has kept him immobile for the past few weeks & teaching art is a great alternative to xbox all day : )

    A 40k core rulebook would be beyond his level but this set is a really great idea. It's user friendly & introduces the recipient to many aspects of the hobby. Great work Michael.

  11. I would give it to my buddy Bruce who used to play Star Wars minis with me and my other gaming friends until they stopped making new ones.

    We need a new addiction.

  12. Honestly, me. I built two WH40k minis about 20+ years ago. I'd read white dwarf and just drool over the pictures, but never went beyond that.

    Fastforward to my late 30s. I've got a full time job, a part time job, a wife, two dogs and no hobby.

    Every time I see a story on WH40K I pull it up and ogle the minis and think "I should really get into that."

  13. Hello! :)

    Camelson here! :)

    If I win I will give the starter to my girlfriend, because I dream that she will paint oneday, and she said i"if you buy me starter set I will paint"
    So it is perfect! :) guys! Another girl in the ranks of players! :)

    Anyway, great idea!


  14. Update

    I will be picking the lucky winner on Sunday. Because all of your reasons are great, there is no way that I can decide. So I will be randomly picking someone using Thanks to everyone for posting and making this a success.

  15. Excellent idea! I have been looking for a simplified rules for WH40K for ages. I hope to be able to play with my kids someday but I still do not understand most of the big rule books despite have 4-5 armies currently. Thank you!