SCWH Honor Roll #39 - WIP/Conversions

Welcome to the SCWH Honor Roll now brought to you with love and care direct from Matt and Lantz, two dashing fellows from over at MWC and TLA! It's a new week and a clearly busy one at that. Despite the holidays coming up and bloggers being busy with those matters, we're still finding the time to work on the hobby. And for that, we here at SCW salute you!

Team Snake Eyes - Iron Hands Dread and Razorback
White Metal Games - Necron Conversions
Warhammer 40k and Board Games στην Κορινθία - Flayed Ones
The WarBlog - Khador Butcher
Macharian Thunder Guard, 1st Reg of Foot - Praetorian Rough Riders
Rust and the City - Imperial Renegade Sergeant
Watching Paint Dry - The Sanguinar
Joesavestheday - The Nightbringer
Of Wolf and Raven - Chronus
Smells Like Wargaming - Alpha Legion Vindicator and Dreadfleet
Niños de Hierro - Skaven Warlock Engineer (translated to English)
Mordian 7th - 5th Platoon Rough Riders

Lantz: There was a lot of great WIP and Conversion work done this week. Of course I'm particularly fond of the fact that there is so much Necron work being done lately. It fills my heart with warm and fuzzy things. Green warm and fuzzy things... I'm also impressed by TSE's Iron Hands Dread; it's very impressive work. The WIP paint job going on at WPD with their Sanguinar will keep my eye closely drawn to their blog in the coming days until I can see more. Finally, JSTD's Nightbringer is coming along splendidly! C'tan and neon color combinations totally mix in my book.

Mike's addition for this week's Honor roll is:

Mike:  I love the WIP of Spikey Rat Pack. Check it out, it's inventive! And Lantz already mentioned Rust and the City in his list. Make sure to click on the label renegades in the bottom of the listed post and check out all the renegade work. It's really great

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Much appreciation!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Now I really need to finish painting that model ;)

  2. Thanks for the mention again! Lots more renegades and conversions coming in the next few weeks.

  3. Can't wait to see more from both of you; keep up the good work!


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