The Defenders of Makkum: swordsmen part 1

I kitbashed together 20 swordsmen as my first unit for the Defenders of Makkum (one is missing in the pictures). My basic idea was to create a group of veteran fighters, having the enemy in their sights but not close enough to engage. Therefore a lot of models are standing and waiting...

 some are getting anxious and the leader rank (with standard bearer) is shouting encouragement.

The empire swordsmen are very dynamic and wouldn't work well for my purposes, so I used Bret bodies, which are more upright. Then I used a ton of different heads, incl some from Guard and SpaceMarines and worked on all the arms and shields. When using a Bret shield, I added an Empire Icon to make it look more the part.

I painted up a couple of models but haven't found my mojo yet. Priming in white is hard.
I haven't received the Dragon Forge bases yet, so I will paint them all on these GW bases and transfer them over. Finally I will start incorporating terrain into the ranks.

Stay tuned!



  1. Hilarious!

    I have just been to Makkum in Summer with my bike! ate some fish at the drank one beer and then back to Workum :)

    I love Friesland! So keep up defending it!

  2. Excellent work Mike!
    To borrow a GW're swordsmen are very "characterful" I love 'em!

  3. Good models! but why oh why Makkum??


  4. warpaintguy: Mijn familie komt uit Ijlst, maar dat is niet echt een naam uit de annalen van the empire. Makkum lag dicht bij en klinkt goed in engels. En ik wilde een excuus om the friese vlag hier en daar te schilderen.
    SC Mike
    (ps ik heb je blog op onze blogroll gezet)

  5. de friese vlag is zeker een leuke en herkenbare vlag. Ik vroeg me gewoon af hoe je erop was gekomen. Makkum staat volgens mij niet echt als historische oorlogsplaats bekend, dat is alleen maar mooi want dan kun je helemaal los gaan op de "fluff"

    Bedankt voor de toevoeging op de blogroll!


  6. Good thing I can read Dutch, else I might wonder what all that jibberish was about!

    Models are looking great so far. I´m liking this army a lot. Keep it up!


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